M & P SERVICES, INC. began operations in 1990, providing quality service at affordable rates. Great work at even better prices has kept us amongst the best in the janitorial and construction industry. Our main goal is to implement standards and practices that focus on quality and in return gain long term client relationships. We love returning customers and referrals! Let us eliminate the burdens of an ongoing search for a quality contractor because we truly deliver above average services.



M & P SERVICES, INC. uses its own triangle training concept when it comes to quality.  This concept instills in the employee that knowledge of equipment and chemical makes for better quality.
With quality being our main objective, we decided to fine tune every aspect of our service by implementing many valuable systems and programs.

These programs deal with OSHA training, Image control, Communication, Scheduling, Equipment Training and Client Relations.


M & P SERVICES, INC. does not charge its potential clients with start-up fees. The only cost that will incur with start-up is extensive floor care. This helps with client transitions from one service to another and enables them to stay within budget.

This concept was implemented by understanding the potential client need to make the transition, get the location up to standards and stay within budget.

Our Mission

The mission of M & P SERVICES, INC. is to provide a high quality, yet affordable service.

Our Goal

Our goal is to stay on top of market changes and trends, research and implement new discoveries in our field of expertise and incorporate all these items into a program that is tailor-made for each individual client.

M & P SERVICES, INC. knows that with state-of-art training, in-depth cleaning knowledge, proper equipment and chemicals, only then can premium cleaning quality and customer service be mastered.
This has helped build a client base from Fortune 500 companies, multi-tenant buildings, banks, large travel agencies, call centers, office buildings, corporate facilities and medical facilities.

Where Quality Is Affordable